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The biggest selling point of Soliento is its extensive network of parks and open spaces. Local building codes require that a certain percentage of any real estate development should be allotted for open spaces like parks and playgrounds but Soliento went above and beyond that requirement, making the community almost fifty percent open space.

Not only are there several large parks, you can also find smaller open spaces that serve as island dividers for some of the streets. This means that you are always within reach of a park regardless of what lot you pick. There are only a few communities in Metro Manila with a similar amount of open spaces but none of them have more than Soliento.

Aside from the parks and open spaces, Soliento residents also get to enjoy several other perks, like the community swimming pools. If you cannot bear the heat of the sun or if you just like to take a dip in the water and relax, you can just head over to the pool area of the community. There is an adult-sized pool where you can swim laps or just float around. It also features a kiddie pool where the younger children can play.

If you are a fitness buff, you will love the fact that Soliento has its own indoor fitness center. This is basically the Soliento’s private gym for the residents. The indoor fitness center has all of the basic equipment and sets of weights that you can use to whip your body back into shape. In addition, the community has wide sidewalks so you can jog or run without fear of getting run over by speeding cars. Another great thing about jogging in Soliento is that the streets rise and dip in some places, which means you will be getting quite a workout compared to just walking on flat pavement.

If you want to break a sweat and at the same time have a great time, you can invite a couple of your buddies and hit the covered basketball/multi-purpose court. An hour or so of running up and down the court will certainly get your sweat going and your blood pumping and you also get to play with your pals.

Aside from these recreational amenities, the Soliento also provides solid peace of mind and security for its residents. There is always a security guard or two posted in the main entrances to the community. They are responsible for screening who can get into the community and keep uninvited guests out. Aside from the guards posted in their stationary positions, there are also several who make regular patrols inside the community to make sure that the residents are safe, and to investigate strange/unusual reports by the residents.

Aside from the guards, dozens of CCTV cameras are positioned all over the Soliento community. This means that even if someone does manage to escape the gaze of the security guards, they will not escape the unblinking eyes of the security cameras. You can rest assured that your family will be completely safe when you live in Soliento.

  • Social Hall
  • Fitness Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Playground
  • Multi-purpose Field
  • Multi-purpose Court
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