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Property Developer: Ayala Land
Project Location: Barangay Canlubang, Laguna
Turnover Date: RFO
Lot Sizes: 600 sqm to 1,393 sqm
Price Range: Call for Price

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Laguna is fast becoming one of the best places to live in outside of the Metro. In some cases, it is actually much better to live in Laguna and the other border provinces instead of within the Metropolitan area itself.

In addition, to make the transition a whole lot easier, Ayala Land Premier has opened up the Soliento exclusive community. If you are sick of the concrete jungle and would rather see actual trees instead of tall buildings then the Soliento is the perfect place for you.

Ayala Land Premier is quite unlike most other real estate developers in the sense that the company tries to preserve the natural beauty of the place they develop as much as they can. This is why the Soliento is not just a leveled patch of earth crammed to the brim with townhouses. It is quite the opposite actually. The community has certain parts where the terrain is flat and there are parts where the roads undulate with the terrain. Ayala Land built Soliento around the existing features of the land, including making the streets meander to avoid the ancient trees and pocket forests. When you live in Soliento, you will feel as if you are in touch with nature all of the time.

The Soliento is located along the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Highway, and right in the middle of the Nuvali, a sustainable growth development area in Laguna. This means that when you live in Soliento, you are a stone’s throw away from all the creature comforts that you might need or want.

In Soliento, there are no pre-designed houses to choose from. You are free to design whatever kind of dwelling you want. Unlike generic subdivisions that are filled to the brim with townhouses that all look the same, the Soliento allows you to build the house of your dreams. You can choose every detail.

There are six different lot classifications in Soliento and they are categorized on their location. First are the Prime Lots. These are the lots that are fronted by the street only. The Prime lots are the most basic choices in the Soliento.

The next lot classification is the Park Estate. This lot classification is similar to the Prime Lots but the difference is that these lots are much bigger and are located at the corner of the blocks. This means your house will be fronting not just one street but two. This is great if you want to construct a house with a wide open front yard.

Next on the list are the Parklane Lots. These are corner lots that are fronting, or located right beside, any one of the several parks and open spaces in Soliento. Just like the Park Estate lots, the Parklane ones are much wider than the other lots, making them perfect for larger house constructions. As an added perk, you only need to cross the road if you want to go to the park.

Next are the Courtyard lots. These lots are bound at the front by the “pocket parks”, small open spaces that also have trees and trimmed grass. These are like large and wide center islands that divide the two-way streets. These lots are roughly the same size as the Prime lots, which means you cannot build a really large house but you can still construct a substantially large one.

Next are the Courtyard Park Estate lots. These are large corner lots bound on one or two sides by the main parks. These lots are particularly large, so you have the choice of building your house as big as you want or keeping it modest and leaving space for a wide front yard. The great thing about living in these lots is you are directly connected to the parks. You just need to get out of your front gate and you are already there.

Last on the list are the Courtyard Ridge Estates. Now, these are similar in size and location as the Courtyard Park Estates but in addition to easy access to the main parks, these lots also have a spectacular view of the nearby Cauang-Cauang River. These lots are not only great for building large houses. You will also feel a whole lot closer to nature.

The Soliento is a low-density community, so obviously there would only be a limited number of available lots. A low-volume of residents mean that the entire neighborhood will still be relatively peaceful and quiet, making Soliento the ideal place for you to raise your family.

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